How Do You Get Rid of a Bad Perm?

Removing a bad perm requires deep conditioning the hair, then re-processing it with a perm solution. The process takes up to two hours spread over three days and requires deep conditioner, a home perm kit and a fine-toothed comb.

  1. Condition the hair

    Apply a deep, moisturizing conditioner immediately after the perm, if possible. Allow it to dry in the hair before rinsing it out. Do not shampoo the hair as this causes the curls to become frizzy.

  2. Assess your hair after 24 hours

    Hair naturally feels a little dry after a perm. However, assess if the hair feels especially dry, which is a sign it is severely lacking in moisture. If the hair feels brittle or if you see any signs of breakage, it means the hair lacks strength.

  3. Prepare the hair

    If the hair lacks moisture, repeat the application of the deep moisturizing treatment. A home remedy option is honey. Massage the honey into the hair, let it stand for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. If the hair lacks strength, choose a hair strengthening treatment, which contains protein. At-home options include an egg mask or avocado oil treatment.

  4. Apply a chemical straightener

    Buy a home perm kit. Wait at least 48 hours after the original perm before using the kit. Apply the waving lotion evenly over the hair. Using a fine-toothed comb, gently comb the hair straight the entire time the instructions recommend processing. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

  5. Seal the straightener

    Towel blot the hair carefully. Don't rub as this can damage the hair further. Apply the neutralizer. Repeat the combing procedure for the entire 5-minute processing time. Rinse with cool water.

  6. Re-condition the hair

    Use the deep moisturizing conditioner on the hair again. Do not use a protein-based conditioner for at least 48 hours.