How Do You Get Rid of Bad Breath?


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According to WebMD, brushing and flossing frequently and remembering to clean the tongue while doing so are a few ways to cure bad breath. Since bacteria-retaining plaque and residual food particles are the main causes of bad breath, the first step towards cure and prevention is proper hygiene.

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How Do You Get Rid of Bad Breath?
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WebMD states that certain foods such as onions and garlic contain bad-smelling substances that when consumed are exhaled out from the lungs, so that all efforts to wash out the mouth are futile. Avoidance is the only prevention in this case.

According to WebMD, chewing sugarless gum aids in the production of saliva and functions as a healthier substitute to an after-dinner mint. The former is helpful since saliva is a natural plaque deterrent. The latter is not ideal, since sugar feeds the bacteria that causes bad breath, and should be avoided as much as possible.

Tobacco and coffee also cause distinctive scents that lead to bad breath. Alcohol causes dry mouth, ridding the mouth of needed saliva. In this case, bad breath can be cured by avoiding alcohol and replenishing the moisture balance in the mouth by drinking water. If bad breath persists, medical assistance is advised. Bad breath can also be caused by gum disease, cavities or more serious medical conditions such as diabetes and respiratory tract infections.

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