How Do You Get Rid of Back Acne?


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According to Julyne Derrick for About.com, mild forms of back acne are often treated with a topical cream or gel medication containing 10 percent benzoyl peroxide. Prepare the back area by washing it with a mild antibacterial facial soap; regular soap is not recommended. Allow the skin to completely dry before the next step, and then apply the medicated cream or gel to the acne and let the area dry.

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WebMD suggests treating moderate-to-severe body acne with a combination of therapies or using a strong anti-acne medication. In addition to benzoyl peroxide preparations, doctor-prescribed medications may be used to combat the problem. Tough cases of body acne can be treated with antibiotic topical gels, lotions or creams; apply solutions containing azelaic acid or retinoids. Oral acne medication is an alternative to creams. Oral medications containing antibiotics or retinoids are taken under doctor supervision. In some cases, a doctor drains large cysts and pimples located on the back.

Another way to get rid of body acne is to reduce stress levels, according to John Barrymore for HowStuffWorks. Stress can aggravate existing acne. A couple of ways to reduce stress is to do moderate exercise and get more restful sleep. Acne scars on the back are removed by treatments such as dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing, notes WebMD.

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