How Do I Get Rid of Ashy Skin?

How Do I Get Rid of Ashy Skin?

To get rid of ashy skin, wash it with a mild cleanser, exfoliate it with a gentle scrub, apply a lactic acid treatment, and use a nourishing moisturizer every day. This daily regimen takes about 10 minutes.

  1. Wash your skin

    Wash your skin with warm water and a mild hypoallergenic cleanser. Wet your face, apply the cleanser, and massage it into your skin with your fingertips. Remove the cleanser with a washcloth dipped in warm water.

  2. Exfoliate your skin

    Apply an exfoliating scrub to your wet skin, and rub it around in circular motions for 60 seconds. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water, and dry it with a soft towel. Do not exfoliate areas that are cracked, broken or irritated.

  3. Apply a lactic acid treatment

    Apply a thin layer of lactic acid serum, and wait until your skin absorbs it before applying additional products.

  4. Moisturize your skin

    Apply a nourishing moisturizer. Use a daytime formula that contains sunscreen, and apply a healing formula at bedtime. Avoid excessive moisturizing so as not to irritate your skin. Light, oil-free moisturizers are ideal.

  5. Monitor the results

    Monitor your skin for three weeks. If your skin remains ashy, dry and rough, consult a dermatologist.