How Do You Get Rid of Age Spots on Your Face?

How Do You Get Rid of Age Spots on Your Face?

Hydroquinone cream, a skin bleaching cream, is an effective treatment for age spots. Using the cream safely involves conducting a patch test, applying the product evenly and according to physician's instructions, protecting the treated area from the sun and looking out for side effects.

  1. Conduct a patch test

    Before use, place a small amount of cream on an unbroken area of skin. The inner part of the elbow or forearm are good test sites. Allow the cream to sit undisturbed for 24 hours. Blistering, itching and extensive redness or irritation are signs of allergic reaction. Discontinue use and contact a physician if signs of an allergic reaction occur.

  2. Apply the cream to your skin

    Wash and dry your face. Apply the cream to the problem areas evenly, rubbing it gently into the skin. Avoid getting the cream into your eyes, nose, mouth or other mucous membranes. Refer to your physician's instructions regarding the amount and frequency of use. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the cream.

  3. Protect treated skin from the sun

    Hydroquinone can cause sun sensitivity in affected areas. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing, such as a hat, and avoid the sun for the duration of treatment.

  4. Stay alert for side effects

    Minor burning, itching, redness and irritation in the treatment areas are common side effects. More serious reactions include blistering, a blue-black discoloration of the skin, extensive redness or irritation and systemic allergic reaction. Should these signs occur, contact a physician immediately.