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As of 2015, the majority of reviewers on RealSelf.com either were unsure if the results of Thermage were effective or regarded the treatment as "not worth it." Only 41% of the reviews indicated that Thermage was worth the cost and effort. Many people complained of the pain they felt while undergoing the procedure as well as the lack of visible results, while some claimed that Thermage tightened their loose skin.

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The reviews regarding Thermage were mixed, with reviewers slightly leaning towards the negative. Only 4 out of 10 reviewers on RealSelf.com gave it positive reviews. Most of the complaints centered on the extreme discomfort they felt during the procedure, and many believe that they did not get significant results. Some even reported obtaining marks after undergoing Thermage. Thermage costs around $2,600 per session, and the majority believes that the cost and the pain are not worth the insignificant results.

According to Dr. George Beraka, a plastic surgeon, Thermage is the best way to tighten sagging skin without surgery, and Thermage patients are dissatisfied with it not due to the technique itself, but because of improper applications. He claims that the wrong patients are using Thermage- ones who have cases that are too severe to be corrected without surgery. He also blames inexperienced providers and cutting corners for the unsatisfactory results that patients are getting from Thermage. Lastly, he believes that patients have unrealistic expectations and are expecting too much from a non-invasive skin tightening procedure.

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