What Do Reviews Say About LipSense Lip Color?

LipSense lip color received an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars in 68 reviews, according to MakeupAlley.com in January 2016. Seventy-five percent of reviewers in the article note that they would purchase the product again. One reviewer praised the lipstick's long-lasting formula, stating that she wore it for seven hours without the color disappearing in the middle, in an article at BeautyJunkiesUnite.com.

One critique from the reviews is that LipSense lip color contains alcohol, which can cause dryness and discomfort for the lips. The presence of alcohol can also cause a tingling sensation and look splotchy on dry lips. To counteract this, reviewers recommend using a layer of lip gloss or hydrating the lips prior to application to avoid these problems. Other critiques included the price, which one 2015 reviewer cited as $45 plus tax for the lipstick and lip gloss.

Positive reviews praised the long-lasting color, which can last up to eighteen hours without staining the lips. Reviewers praised the combination of the LipSense gloss and lip color for conditioning and moisturizing the lips with use. Another positive aspect of the product is its wide variety of colors, which include over 50 shades with neutral, blue, or yellow undertones.