What Do Reviews Say About Haband in Pennsylvania?


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Reviews suggest that while Haband pants are of lower quality than other brands, according to ABC News, they're comfortable and can be worn at work as long as the chosen color is black. However, customers have some negative reviews about the company itself, suggesting that it might be dishonest or have poor customer service.

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As far as products go, Haband clothing is somewhat low-quality, but it's inexpensive. A reviewer mentioned some loose threads that needed to be trimmed. Black Haband slacks don't look low-quality according to an informal survey, and can be worn comfortably to work. When placed beside a more expensive pair of slacks, people only picked out the cheaper item half the time.

However, the black slacks have high waists that allegedly don't pair well with tucked-in shirts -- only long sweaters. The lighter-colored slacks are more visually unappealing than the black ones because the dated designs may be more apparent to a casual observer. Some of the appealing features of the clothing, other than the inexpensive prices, include machine-washable fabric that doesn't require ironing.

Business reviews for Haband are generally not positive as of 2016, with people citing poor customer service, questionable business practices, defective items and false advertising, states the Ripoff Report.

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