What Do Reviews Say About Adore Organic Innovation Cosmetics?

Reviews of Adore Organic Innovation cosmetics posted on Amazon are polarizing. Many consumers praised the product, claiming that the cosmetics helped to prevent break outs, made skin appear fresh and eliminated lines associated with aging. Other consumers criticized the products, claiming that they did not work as intended. Many reported damage and irritation caused by the product. The company at large was criticized for its aggressive in-store sales techniques and deceptive return agreements that refuse refunds for even unopened items.

Adore Organic Innovation cosmetics sells skin care products such as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams, cleansers, toners, face masks and moisturizers. They also specialize in skin brightening and hand and body treatments.

Adore Organic Innovation cosmetics are infused with plant stem cells that aid in the repair and regeneration of damaged skin. While the human body's stem cells only make up two to seven percent of total cells, they are tasked with the job of cell renewal. Scientists at Adore Organic Innovation cosmetics extracted plant stem cells and tested them on human skin. Their findings showed that skin with the plant stem cells applied was better protected when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Additionally, test subjects saw up to a 15 percent reduction in the appearance of their crow's feet.