What Are Some Reviews of Rainbow Clothing for Kids?

Rainbow Shops’ kids' clothing receives mixed consumer reviews on Yelp.com. Reviews vary depending on each store’s location. Some reviewers express satisfaction with Rainbow Shops' affordable prices, while others complain of poor fabric quality.

Many Yelp reviews for California and New York locations express appreciation for the price and quality of Rainbow Shops' children's clothing. Two New York reviewers express a dislike for the quality, but are repeat customers due to the store's low prices. Some reviews complain about poor customer service in particular branches, while various reviews also report positive interactions with staff. However, many commentaries agree that Rainbow Shops’ physical stores are untidy or crammed, says Knoji.

Rainbow Shops is a clothing retailer that was originally opened in New York City in 1935. As of April 2015, the brand possesses 1,300 storefronts in the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. Rainbow Shops released its online store in November 2012.

Rainbow Shops primarily offers women's clothing, but larger branches of the store include kids', juniors', shoes, lingerie and plus size departments. Rainbow Shops also operates Rainbow Kids and Kidspot, which are clothing branches that specialize in children's clothing. The brand does not sell kids' clothing on its website.