What Are Some Reviews for Omni Cleansing Shampoo?


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The reviews for Omni cleansing shampoo are positive on both Amazon.com and SBMuscle.com. The product has a three-star rating out of five on both of these websites.

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The Omni cleansing shampoo formula is designed to remove toxins from the hair's follicles without damaging the hair itself. The product comes in different concentrations for individuals with different types and lengths of hair.

Spas and swimming pools typically have high concentrations of oxidizers to maintain a pH balance and halt the development of bacteria. Excessive exposure to such compounds can result in damage to the swimmer's hair. Chlorine, in particular, bonds with hair proteins and creates a brittle appearance in the follicles, damaging hair. The cleansing shampoo is designed to provide users with a deep cleaning experience, washing away the chlorine and leaving their hair soft and healthy.

To use the shampoo, users should simply distribute about half of an ounce of the product onto their hair. Then they should massage it in thoroughly for up to 10 minutes before rinsing the mixture away with lukewarm water. Users can repeat this as many times as they want before they let their hair dry, but they should use a clean comb or brush through their hair after.

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