What Are Some Reviews of Makeover Essentials Products?

What Are Some Reviews of Makeover Essentials Products?

As of January 2016, Makeover Essentials complete petite and the company's 12-piece lip gloss set receive average marks from users at Amazon.com. Makeover Essentials weekly essentials kit and the company's beauty to go each garner a less than stellar rating of two stars.

With seven customer reviews, the complete petite palette receives 3.9 stars from customers, with 43 percent of users giving the portable makeup kit five stars. Customers single out the value pricing, convenient travel size and top-of-the-line quality and commend the variety of items included in the kit.

The lip gloss assortment receives a 3.0-star rating based on 18 reviews. Fifty-six percent of users give this makeup collection a rating of three stars or greater. Customers commend the color, variety and quality of the lip gloss, but give the set low marks for its small size and relatively high price. One customer approves of the smaller size which allows customers to try each color without purchasing a full-size tube.

The weekly essentials kit receives a 1.8-star rating across four customer reviews. The quality and color assortment score poorly with customers. The concealer and blush is suitable only for users with a fair complexion. The lip and eye pencils are hard to sharpen, according to reviewers.

Beauty to go receives a poor rating of 1.9 stars over 10 reviews, with 80 percent of users giving this makeup assortment one star. Customers criticized the poor quality, color and price. Amazon.com calculates its star rating using numerous criteria, including verification of customer purchases.