What Are Some Reviews for Loceryl?


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While some reviewers were initially drawn to this topical anti-fungal medication for its ease of use, nearly all of the reviews and ratings for Loceryl are negative. On surveying website ProductReview.com.au, Loceryl earned the lowest rating possible of 1/5 stars, with reviewers stating this product did not work for them. One reviewer claimed the only difference he saw in his infected nail was due to the sandpaper and nail file Loceryl comes with, not the expensive medication itself.

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What Are Some Reviews for Loceryl?
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Loceryl is an anti-fungal medication that is used twice a week for six months. The product costs $79.99 for a 5-milliliter bottle, as of 2015. Only about 25 percent of reviewers reported any change in their fungal infections. Five reviewers reported that Loceryl caused psoriasis to flare up in the area of the fungal infection. Nonetheless, the 25 percent of reviewers who did attest to seeing a large difference in their infections claimed it happened fast and was worth the money.

Patients use Loceryl by sanding down the toenail with the fungal infection, filing the nail tip down to the nail bed, and using the medication as if it were a nail polish and painting the nail with the medicated lacquer. This product contains the active ingredient amorolfine, which is an antifungal medicine used to treat infections from fungi, molds or yeasts.

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