What Are the Reviews of Diamond Z4?

What Are the Reviews of Diamond Z4?

The reviews for Diamond Z4 are mixed, with many reviewers posting negative reviews about the ring. Many reviewers complain that the ring is cheap-looking, of poor quality and falls apart after a few weeks. Positive reviews state that the ring is inexpensive and looks similar to high-end rings.

The reviews for Diamond Z4 on Amazon.com are mixed, with reviewers awarding it a 3.1 out of 5 stars overall rating, as of July 2015. Several negative reviews note that the ring looks like plastic, and is not worth the money. Others complain that the gemstone is dirty, with some complaining that it has some noticeable scratches.

Several reviewers also mention that the television commercial advertising the Diamond Z4 ring is misleading, and that the actual ring does not look like what is shown on television. Others mention that the company's customer service is very poor, with most having to call several times before receiving help on their orders.

There are also numerous complaints about shipping delays, with some customers having to order twice before their orders were shipped. Negative reviews also mention having been charged twice or more, and having difficulties cancelling these payments.

Positive reviewers mention that the ring has a great sparkle and is easy to clean when it starts to get dull. Others mention that most people cannot tell the difference between a Diamond Z4 ring and a real diamond ring.