How Do You Reverse Gray Hair?

Although there is no scientifically proven way to reverse gray hair, smoking cessation may help avoid prematurely graying hair. Treating thyroid disorders, vitiligo and vitamin B12 deficiency anemia may also help prevent hair from turning gray early.

People interested in alternative forms of medicine may try the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of strengthening the kidneys and blood to help retain hair color. Strategies include eating foods like Hijiki seaweed, nettles, black strap molasses and wheatgrass. As of 2013, scientists working for the beauty company L'Oreal worked on an enzyme to help retain hair color that individuals can take orally. The company predicts that the formula can prevent gray hair from developing forever. No products intended to prevent or reserve gray hair are approved by the Food and Drug Administration as of 2014.

By definition, prematurely graying hair occurs before a Caucasian person reaches age 20 and an African American person turns 30. It is often related to a person's genetics. Gray hair can be hidden by coloring hair with highlights, dyes and hair makeup.

Celebrities who do not hide their gray hair include Anderson Cooper, Emmylou Harris, Jamie Lee Harris and Glenn Close. Although United States President Barack Obama began his first term with black hair, much of his hair in 2014 is naturally gray.