How Do You Retwist Dreadlocks?


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Dreadlocks can be retwisted by beginning with the top 3 inches of a dread nearest the root. Twist this part of the dread, and apply any type of locking cream while twisting to help style the twist. Clip them in place and allow to completely dry.

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When twisting dreadlocks, it is important to twist them to the right or clockwise because most people have hair that grows in a circular, clockwise direction. By twisting in the same direction, it will not clash with the natural growth direction of the hair. When dreadlocks have already been twisted and put into place with locking cream and hair clips, dry them with a hair dryer. Take care when using the dryer as overheating the dreads can harm them.

Dreadlocks should be allowed to dry for at least three hours for the best results. The type of locking cream used and the amount of wear taken by the dreadlocks typically determines how long they will last.

Dreadlocks can also be twisted by using rubber bands if no clips are available or if you plan on sleeping while the dreads are setting. Instead of using one rubber band per dread, it is much easier to twist several dreadlocks and secure them together with one band.

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