What Retailers Sell Gratiae Cosmetics?


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Gratiae Cosmetics are sold in the company's own stores or through individual distributors, and not in any other physical retail outlet. In addition, Gratiae Cosmetics can be purchased online through the comapny's official website, and can also be found on the trusted online retail websites eBay and Amazon.com.

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Gratiae Cosmetics products are notable for featuring an ingredient called "Three Graces" Thermo Mineral Water, which comes from a thermal spring near the Sea of Galilee, whose 125 degree waters purportedly contain therapeutic and rejuvenating properties for the skin. The name of this spring, Gratiae, literally means "grace" and was christened by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the second century A.D. in honor of the Roman goddesses of charm, beauty and fertility. The "Three Graces" water is rich in sulfur and other important minerals, and in addition to its benefits for skin, it also contributes to accelerated metabolism, cell renewal and relief of joint pain.

Many Gratiae Cosmetics products can be found at a lower price on eBay and Amazon.com, but the company normally discourages anyone from purchasing its products anywhere other than its official stores, website or through its individual distributors. The company's reasoning is that a lower price point may indicate that the product is either not genuine or damaged in some way and, if used, could have irreversible negative effects on the skin. Information about all the Gratiae Cosmetics store locations worldwide is available on both the company's international and U.S. websites, as well as instructions on how to become a distributor.

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