What Are Some Retailers That Sell Discount Tiaras?

Discount retailers, such as AliExpress.com, are one resource for tiaras, as are sites that specialize in discount accessories. Some retailers, such as Michaels, specialize in discount wedding tiaras.

The discount website AliExpress.com has a selection of tiaras in the jewelry section. The tiaras are marked as being at wholesale price. Stock varies, and it's even possible to buy sets of tiaras, such as for a beauty pageant.

SpiritMall.net is a discount retailer specializing in discount accessories for special occasions. The retailer offers a selection of tiaras and crowns at discount prices. Some of the tiaras feature silver or gold plating, while others are made of Swarovski crystals. The tiaras are suitable for weddings, beauty pageants, quinceaneras, proms and other fancy events.

TiaraConnections.com is another retailer specializing in tiaras for special events. The site offers doll and tiara combs. The site also sells a range of tiara heights from 1.75 to over 6 inches. Customer can order customized tiaras.

MyOnlineWeddingHelp.com is a site that offers tiaras suitable especially for weddings. The site offers gold and silver tiaras as well as Swarovski crystal, rhinestone and pearl. Shoppers can choose from different styles, such as headband, double-band, crown, vintage and comb tiaras.

Michaels is a craft store that sells a selection of discount tiaras for weddings. Shoppers can buy the tiaras online or in the store.