What Are Some Retailers That Sell Clairol Hairsetter Hot Rollers?


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Clairol Hairsetter hot rollers are a vintage product available for sale through retailers such as Amazon.com. They are also available for purchase through online sale sites such as Terapeak and Internet classifieds such as Used.ForSale.

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Clairol Hairsetter hot rollers come in sets that include four large rollers, five medium rollers and five small rollers. The rollers are brown in color and covered in velvet. The set originally came with clips meant to hold the rollers in place, but when purchasing a used set, the clips may not be present; replacement clips can be purchased. Before purchasing, make sure the rollers are in working order; the larger rollers have indicator lights that darken when hot enough to use.

To use Clairol Hairsetter hot rollers, first spray the head with hairspray. Starting at the crown of the head, grasp a large section of hair, and lift it straight into the air. Apply hairspray directly to the section, and then place the hot roller behind the section of hair, starting from the end and rolling the section of hair around the roller until it is tight against the head. Use the pin or clips to hold the roller in place. Continue separating pieces of hair and rolling them until the entire head is covered.

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