What Retailers Sell Battery-Heated Socks and Gloves?

What Retailers Sell Battery-Heated Socks and Gloves?

Some retailers selling battery-heated socks and gloves include online retailers TheWarmingStore.com, CozyWinters.com and VoltHeat.com. Outdoor supplier Cabela's offers heated socks and gloves online and in stores.

Heated apparel has a built-in heating element to circulate warmth through the sock or glove. Various battery types power the heating element, including AA, D, 3.4V and 7.4V. Some batteries are rechargeable. Depending on the battery, socks and gloves stay warm between two and six hours.

Battery-heated socks and gloves come in a variety of sizes and materials and in a wide range of quality and prices. Prices of socks range from around $25 to as much as $300, as of 2015. Glove prices are as low as $20 and as high as $500.

Less expensive heated gloves and socks are useful for casual wear and day-to-day activities in cold weather. More expensive battery-heated gloves and socks are useful in harsher weather and for activities performed in colder temperatures, such as skiing. People who use these items include some cyclists, construction workers, equestrians and people with poor circulation or other medical conditions causing cold hands and feet.

Other heated apparel sold by these retailers includes shoe insoles, vests, jackets, mittens, muffs, facemasks, pants and pant liners.