What Retailers Carry 20X Magnifying Makeup Mirrors?

What Retailers Carry 20X Magnifying Makeup Mirrors?

Amazon and Walmart carry 20x magnifying makeup mirrors. The FC20X Zadro Compact Spot Mirror is available at Walmart. Amazon offers the Swissco Suction Cup Mirror, which has 20x magnification and the 20x extreme magnification spot mirror. The mirrors that Amazon offers all rate at least three stars, while the mirror at Walmart rates one star.

Amazon and Walmart also offer some options with 15x magnification; however, most makeup mirrors have a magnifying maximum of 10.

The Zadro LED 15x lighted spot makeup mirror; the FC15L Zadro travel LED spot mirror, the Floxite 15x supervision magnifying light mirror and Conair styling essentials lighted mirror are some mirrors offered by Amazon having 15x magnification. Walmart also offers the Zadro LED 15x lighted spot mirror and the Floxite 15x magnifying mirror.

It is important to pick the right mirror to apply makeup. The closer the user wants to see things, the higher magnification she should use. Magnification helps those who normally need corrective lenses. By picking the right magnification, the user has a clear view without working around eyewear.

A good light source is also necessary for effective makeup application. Many makeup mirrors have light sources. Some mirrors have halo lights, with lights surrounding the whole mirror, while others have lights along each side.