How Do You Restore Shine to Marble?

How Do You Restore Shine to Marble?

How Do You Restore Shine to Marble?

Restore the shine of marble floors or counter tops by buffing with a polishing compound. For scratches and grooves, use sandpaper to remove the grooves, then buff with the polishing compound.

  1. Gather supplies

    To restore marble's shine by buffing, mildly abrasive polishing compound is needed. This white substance is found in automotive supply stores. Soft cotton cloths or wool pads and a power buffer must be used to apply the polishing compound. For scratches and grooves, 1,000 grit wet/dry sandpaper is required, which can also be purchased at automotive supply stores.

  2. Buff with polishing compound

    Using the soft cotton cloths or power buffer and wool pads, gently apply the polishing compound to the marble. Follow the compound's instructions exactly. The polishing compound removes dullness and minor scratches. If needed, a rubbing compound, which is more abrasive than polishing compound but not as abrasive as sandpaper, can be used.

  3. Sand with sandpaper

    To remove scratches deeper in the marble's protective covering, wet sand with 1,000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Do not sand too deeply, or the marble itself can be damaged. After sanding, buff with polishing compound to restore the shine dulled by the sandpaper.

  4. Wash and dry marble

    Once the shine has been restored, wash the marble to remove any residual dust or compound. Water and soft cloths are generally enough to clean the marble, but liquid cleansers approved for use on marble may be used if needed. Dry with a soft cloth.