What Are the Requirements for Clothing Worn in Correctional Facilities?


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Rules for wearing clothing in prison vary by prison and depend on whether the wearer is an inmate, a staff member or a visitor. Prison inmates generally must wear a prison uniform.

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The dress code for the federal prison system states that any person visiting an inmate may not wear revealing or provocative clothing. It gives examples of such clothing as low cut blouses, spandex clothing, sundresses and skirts two or more inches above the knee. Also, the code forbids wearing hats or caps on prison premises. A person violating the dress code may be denied visitation of inmates and ordered to leave.

Prison dress codes vary from one local correctional system to another. Also, the rules for females may differ from the rules for males. Most U.S. prisons confiscate all personal clothing from inmates and require them to wear uniforms supplied by the facility. Prison uniforms are intended to make the wearer instantly identifiable as a prison inmate and to prevent self-harm or concealment of objects that could be used as weapons. The bright colors and contrasting patterns of prison uniforms make them easy to identify at a distance, which can be useful during a search for a prison escapee.

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