How Do You Replace the Wristband on Your Watch?


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Replace the wristband on a watch by determining how the old band is held in place, removing the retaining pins and replacing the pins in the new band. If the band uses compression pins, a jeweler's screwdriver with a notched end is useful in compressing these spring-loaded devices for removal. Prior to purchasing a new band, measure the distance between the lugs on the case, in millimeters.

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After determining the appropriate width, choose from options such as leather, metal, rubber or nylon. Nylon straps are common with many military watches and are easy to install as the owner replaces the compression pins into the lugs and then slides the band behind them. Other types of bands require inserting the pins through a small hole at the end of each side of the band that attaches to the watch, compressing them and sliding them into place.

Some manufacturers use drill-through lugs that allow easier removal of the watch pins. With these lugs, remove the band by pressing the end of the pins through the hole using a sharp object, such as a map tack. If the lugs are not drilled through, use a jeweler's screwdriver or tweezers to compress the pin and remove the old band.

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