How Do You Replace the Roller Wheels on Luggage?

To replace the roller wheels on luggage, unzip the liner on the inside of the luggage. Remove the nut bolt that holds the old wheel into place and insert a new wheel.

Installing a new roller wheel on luggage is something almost anyone can do. Normal use means that sometimes, the wheels wear out or break. Fixing them at home can save quite a bit of money over taking the luggage to a luggage repair shop.

  1. Purchase the correct replacement wheels
  2. To be sure the wheels fit properly and provide stability to the luggage, purchase identical wheels to those already on the suitcase. Find the wheels directly from the manufacturer or from a luggage store that sells that specific brand.

  3. Look for the screws
  4. Unzip the liner of the suitcase and look for the nut bolts holding the wheel's screw into place.

  5. Remove the screws
  6. Grab the nut bolt with a small wrench and remove the screws around the wheel with a small screwdriver. Turn them counter-clockwise to remove.

  7. Remove the clip
  8. Remove the small clip by pushing it out to remove the bolt located inside the wheel. Remove the wheel.

  9. Insert the new wheel
  10. Place the new wheel in the hole and reattach the clip.

  11. Tighten the nut
  12. Tighten the nut by turning it clockwise.

  13. Test the luggage
  14. Test the luggage after the wheel is secure. Make sure the wheel does not wobble.