How Do You Replace the Battery in a Timex Watch?


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To replace the battery in a Timex watch, refer to your Timex manual to purchase the correct type of battery replacement. Open the watch case using the correct tools, carefully replace the used battery using tweezers, and close the watch case.

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How Do You Replace the Battery in a Timex Watch?
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Most watches list the type of battery used in the owner's manual or on the back of the watch. If the watch doesn't list the type of battery used, owners may have to open the watch to identify the battery. Place the watch on a soft cloth or the watch case before replacing the battery to avoid losing parts or damaging the watch. Open the watch carefully using the correct tool, such as the case knife, a screwdriver or a case back wrench. Most Timex watches require a case knife.

Once the watch is opened, locate and remove the battery using the appropriate tool. Most watch batteries are secured by screws or a clip. Use a screwdriver to remove screws or tweezers to pull the clips open. Insert the new battery carefully using tweezers and making sure that the correct side faces up. Replace the watch case, then reset the watch according to the instruction manual and confirm that the battery is working properly.

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