How Do You Repair a Wig?

Repairing a full-lace or front-lace wig is done by sewing any damaged ends and re-gluing loose tracks, which are strips of hair that are glued to the wig cap lengthwise. Poorly-maintained and tangled wigs can usually be fully restored, often without any help from a professional wig repair service.

Repairing a damaged wig begins with washing the wig. A sewn-in wig with hair that is attached by thread can be fully submerged in water, but a glued wig should only be spot-cleaned with water and a brush. Regular hair products can be used to wash and condition the wig.

Sew damaged ends back in using polyester thread in a color that matches the hair. The wig's loose roots should be secured to the lining by sewing diagonally across the original stitching.

When working with glued wigs, loose tracks should be removed by heating the glue with a hair dryer on the underside of the wig. The loose tracks can then be reconnected to the lining by using hair glue. A drop of glue should be applied to each track, and it should be pressed down firmly for at least 10 seconds. Allow the new glue to dry for a full day before styling the wig with any heating tools or hair products.

If the wig requires repair beyond what can be done at home, take it to a local wig repair shop already cleaned and with the hair untangled.