How Do You Repair a Watch?


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To repair a pocket watch, first open the watch and remove the pallet lever. Use a watch blower to check the balance wheel, tightening where needed to prevent wobbling. Tighten any obstructing screws that stop the balance wheel, and check the balance staff to see if it runs perfectly smooth.

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How Do You Repair a Watch?
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Many parts of a mechanical watch, such as a pocket watch, must be replaced or repaired. This is a process that requires special training and steady hands. It is best to give the watch to a watch repair professional to replace parts, such as the balance staff. Attempting to repair a watch without training has a risk of rendering the watch completely inoperable.

If a watch is invaluable to someone or would cost more to replace than to repair, it is possible to get it repaired. Check online listings for watch repair shops, such as the American Watchmaker-Clockmaker Institute, for certified watch repair shops close to your location. Gather estimates to find the correct shop to get the repair service from. When you have selected the appropriate shop, take pictures of the watch, such as the clock face and serial number, as well as the inner gears, for optimal security.

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