What Are Some Repair Shops That Fix Zippers?


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Repair shops that fix zippers include those that focus on shoe repair, such as Sofia Shoe Repair Services in Rochester, New York, and dry cleaners such as Suburban Dry Cleaners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tailor shops, such as Anthony Polizzi Tailor Shop in Baldwin, Missouri, also repair zippers.

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Some zipper repairs do not require the use of a repair shop and can be performed at home. For instance, if teeth are missing from the bottom of the zipper, the zipper can be repaired. First, zip the zipper, and use a razor to cut the tack at the bottom of the zipper. Insert a zipper stop at the bottom to cover the missing teeth. Use pliers to pinch the zipper stop shut, and retack the seam.

Split zippers are easily repaired provided that the tabs at the bottom of the zipper tape are still intact. Take the stop off the zipper, and remove the slider. Replace it with a slider of the same size by inserting it into the bottom of the zipper. Zip it up and down to make sure it moves freely, and then insert the other side of the zipper, and zip the garment. If it zips without splitting, replace the stops on the bottom of the zipper.

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