How Do You Repair a Casio Watch?

repair-casio-watch Credit: Magnus D/CC-BY 2.0

Casio watches encounter problems such as broken straps, dimming, gaining or losing time, and malfunctioning batteries. Repair options include fixing or replacing the timer, stopwatch function, brightness, straps or battery, according to Total Watch Repair.

Replacing a broken rubber or leather strap requires buying a new strap or watch band. Sliding out the watch pins removes the old strap to allow insertion of a new one.

Frequent use of a Casio backlight panel makes it dim. Restore its brightness by removing it and charging it to full capacity. An efficient charger variety for a Casio watch is a standard charger suitable for CR2016 batteries.

Since Casio watches calibrate their time automatically based on satellite communication, users need to manually fix incorrect time calibration. Doing so involves turning off the Daylight Saving Time feature or selecting AUTO DST.

Sometimes, replacing the battery is a quick fix for a Casio watch that has stopped functioning, has a malfunctioning timer and stopwatch, or blinks on and off. Remove the watch straps and open the case by removing the screws using a watch screwdriver. Use tweezers to release the lock holding the battery and insert a new battery after freeing the malfunctioning one. Screwing the battery in keeps it in place.

Applying silicone grease at the back of the watch helps in fixing a watch that is prone to water damage by making it waterproof.