How Do You Rent a Hair Salon?


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Hairstylists can rent a salon by first choosing the type of space and then contacting the owner to review and sign the rental agreement. Hairstylists have several available options for renting a space for their salon, including booths in an established salon, a studio in a salon or a full building with multiple stations, according to the Salon Via, Salon Ventures and Salon Today websites.

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To rent a hair salon, take the following steps:

  1. Choose a space
  2. Each type of space features its own set of pros and cons, so hairstylists should choose an option that best meets their needs. Booths in established hair salons provide some security for stylists, because clients of the salon may be willing to work with other stylists.

    Studios, such as those offered through Salon Ventures salons, allow stylists to operate their own businesses within a larger salon setting, states the company website. Studios are different from booth spaces because stylists have their own space, rather than a chair in a common space, and they can set their own hours, prices and services.

    Another option is for stylists to become a salon owner. Stylists can rent buildings with multiple stations, and they can then rent out the booths or hire stylists to work on staff.

  3. Contact the owner
  4. After choosing the space, stylists should contact the owner to review the rental agreement terms and conditions. Once an agreement is made, stylists can sign the contract and begin work on the specified date.

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