How Do You Remove Static From Hair?

How Do You Remove Static From Hair?

Prevent the buildup of static with a moisturizing conditioner. Towel dry hair, apply hair oil, dry the hair with the dryer nozzle pointing down the shaft and set the style with a light hairspray. Use a dryer sheet if static develops during the day.

  1. Use moisturizing conditioner

    Switch to a moisturizing conditioner. Use it daily whether you wash your hair or not. Concentrate on applying the conditioner to the ponytail section, that is, the hair that would be left hanging in a ponytail.

  2. Towel dry hair

    After showering, squeeze excess moisture from the hair with an absorbent towel. Do not rub with the towel, as this leads to flyaway hair.

  3. Apply hair oil

    Put a few drops of hair oil in your palm. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil. Starting at the ends, finger comb the oil into your hair.

  4. Point the blow dryer down the shaft

    Use a low air setting on your blow dryer to avoid creating static. Point the nozzle of the dryer down the hair shaft to smooth the cuticles and prevent fly away strands.

  5. Set with hair spray

    After drying the hair, use a light hold hairspray all over your style. Finger comb any stray strands into place.

  6. Use a dryer sheet

    If static develops throughout the day, tame it with a dryer sheet. Run the sheet smoothly down the shaft of the hair.