How Do You Remove Silly Putty From Hair?

Silly Putty can be easily removed from hair, according to Crayola. All that is needed is a quick conditioning, comb through and wash to leave hair free of Silly Putty. The time it takes to complete the removal is dependent on the length of hair and the amount of Silly Putty present.

  1. Find test area

    Locate a small inconspicuous area of hair containing the Silly Putty that the process can be tested on to ensure that there are no complications. The test area should be easily concealed by the rest of the hair, usually near the scalp or in the back of the head.

  2. Apply hair conditioner mix

    Apply a generous amount of hair conditioner and warm water to the test area. Make sure that the conditioner and water completely saturate the area. Massage the hair conditioner into the hair.

  3. Comb hair

    Comb through the saturated area. The conditioner should make the Silly Putty easy to remove with a few gentle strokes of the comb.

  4. Wash hair

    Wash the test area with shampoo and warm water to remove any residue left from the Silly Putty. Check the area closely to make certain that the Silly Putty is completely gone and that the hair remains undamaged. If damage occurs, a hair dresser may be required to remove remaining putty.

  5. Clear entire head

    Repeat the conditioning, combing and washing process for the entire area covered in Silly Putty if the test area is successfully cleared.