How Do You Remove Shellac Nail Polish?

How Do You Remove Shellac Nail Polish?

One simple way to remove shellac nail polish involves wrapping acetone-soaked cotton pads around your nails and using the cuticle stick to push off the polish. You need five round cotton pads, a cuticle stick, kitchen foil, scissors and nail and cuticle conditioning oil to complete this task.

  1. Prepare the material

    Using scissors, cut off a strip of the kitchen foil about twice the length of your fingertip, and fold it in half lengthwise shiny side inside. Cut the folded foil into 10 3-inch sections. Cut your five round cotton pads into 10 half-circle cotton pads, and fold each in half.

  2. Apply acetone

    One at a time, soak a pad with acetone, and put it firmly on the nail. Secure the pad in place by wrapping the foil square around the fingertip. Leave the pads on the nails for 10 minutes. Remove the foils, and rub each nail slightly with the cotton pads. Gently push off the shellac nail polish using the cuticle stick. Be careful not to scrub your nails.

  3. Clean your hands, and apply the conditioner

    Wash your hands with soap and water to remove the chemicals, and apply the nail and cuticle conditioning oil to keep them healthy.