How Do You Remove Self Tanner?

How Do You Remove Self Tanner?

Remove self-tanner by oiling, bathing and exfoliating the skin. Soak for approximately 20 minutes before exfoliating to achieve the best results. If stains remain after exfoliation, rub a lemon wedge over the stain to remove the remaining self-tanner.

  1. Prepare your skin

    Rub baby oil into the skin to soften the skin cells.

  2. Prepare the bath

    Run warm water in the tub. Add two to three capfuls of baby oil to the bath as it runs. Run the tub deep enough to submerge your entire body.

  3. Soak in the tub

    Get in the tub, and submerse your body in the warm water. Soak in the water for at least 20 minutes.

  4. Exfoliate the body

    Use a sugar scrub, washcloth, loofah or dry brush to scrub the skin. Pay particular attention to areas that are severely stained. Gently scrub the entire body, rinsing and examining each area of skin for remaining self-tanner. Scrub again as needed to slough off the stained skin cells.

  5. Remove stubborn stains

    Rinse your body with clean water, and get out of the tub. Dry off with a towel. Examine your body for remaining self-tanning stains. Cut a lemon into wedges. Massage the lemon wedge over stubborn stains to remove the remainder of the self tanner. Prevent future self-tanning mistakes by exfoliating and moisturizing before applying the self-tanner.