How Do You Remove Scratches From a Watch Face?

To remove scratches from a watch face, tape the bezel, then rub diamond paste on the face using a clean cloth. Wipe the paste off, and repeat the process until the scratches are gone. You need diamond paste in 3 microns and .25 micron, a clean cloth, and tape.

  1. Tape the bezel

    Tape the bezel and all areas around the watch face with narrow masking tape to protect them from the diamond paste.

  2. Apply diamond paste

    Put a small amount of the 3-micron diamond paste onto a cotton swab. Spread the paste all over the watch face, being careful around the edges where the face meets the bezel.

  3. Remove the scratches

    Using a soft clean cloth, gently rub the diamond paste in circles around the watch face, making sure to concentrate on the areas with the scratches. Continue to rub the face until you see the scratches disappear.

  4. Apply the .25 micron diamond paste

    Wipe away the excess diamond paste. Put a small amount of the .25-micron diamond paste onto the watch face, then rub gently using the other side of the cloth. Continue to rub the face until it shines. Wipe off the excess, inspect the face, and repeat the process if scratches remain. Remove the tape when you are finished.