How Do I Remove Mineral Buildup From My Hair?

According to Styles 101, special shampoos called chelating shampoos are available to help remove the mineral buildup on hair that develops over time from hard water. These shampoos, also called clarifying shampoos, are available at hair salons and drugstores. Styles 101 emphasizes to not use clarifying shampoos for every shampoo. Use clarifying shampoo approximately once every 2 weeks.

Clarifying shampoos are very stripping to the hair. However, they are beneficial for the removal of both mineral deposits and the buildup of styling products. A good conditioner must be applied to the hair after every use of a clarifying shampoo. Even people who do not normally use a conditioner after shampooing need to use a conditioner after shampooing with a clarifying shampoo to help restore the hair.

To remove any mineral buildup the clarifying shampoo may miss, Styles 101 suggests combining half a teaspoon of white vinegar with a pint of distilled water and mixing thoroughly. Pour the mixture onto the hair, and let it soak in for several minutes before completely rinsing it out. Repeat the procedure once or twice a month, preferably at night, because of the smell of the vinegar.