How Do You Remove LIQUID NAILS Adhesive?

To remove LIQUID NAILS adhesive from your skin, you must first determine if it is solvent-based or latex-based. Remove latex-based LIQUID NAILS by washing thoroughly with soap and water. To remove solvent-based adhesive, gently massage petroleum jelly or an approved oil onto the skin and repeat as needed.

  1. Determine the type of LIQUID NAILS you are using

    Check the product label to see whether the adhesive you are using is solvent-based or latex-based.

  2. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water

    If the LIQUID NAILS is latex-based, wash the affected skin thoroughly with soap and water to remove the adhesive. A soft rag or sponge may help to loosen the adhesive from the skin.

  3. Apply petroleum jelly, mineral oil or vegetable oil

    If the LIQUID NAILS is solvent-based, gently rub petroleum jelly onto the skin that has come into contact with the adhesive. Vegetable oil or mineral oil are also effective. A soft cloth may help to loosen and remove the adhesive. Repeat applications until the adhesive is completely removed.

  4. Wash your clothes

    If any of your clothing has come into contact with the LIQUID NAILS, wash it before wearing it again to remove any remaining adhesive that could irritate your skin.