How Do You Remove Links From a Fossil Watch?

remove-links-fossil-watch Credit: Andy-Millard/CC-BY 2.0

Turn the watch onto its side and place it on a flat surface. Position a micro screwdriver that matches the width of the watch's pin over the right pin of the link to be removed. Lift both sides of the link and gently push the pin down with the screwdriver.

If the watch is a split-pin design, the pin falls out the other end. Repeat the process on the left-hand side of the link. Turn the watch to the left and grip the link. Insert a micro screwdriver into the right side of the link just above the pin. Rotate the screwdriver to the left repeatedly. Loosen the grip on the screwdriver as the screw begins to move upward. Continue until it is removed, and repeat on the left side of the link.

Fossil retailers and retail stores remove watch links for customers. Fossil employees are trained to help with the removal process.