How Do You Remove Kids' Temporary Tattoos?


Kids' temporary tattoos can be removed with the use of a cotton ball, a cotton swab, a wash cloth or a piece of tissue that has been soaked in baby oil. Gently rub the baby oil onto the skin where the tattoo has been applied and the tattoo should be removed in a matter of minutes.

Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol can also remove a temporary tattoo. Dip a couple of cotton balls into either hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol and gently rub it onto the skin with the tattoo. Once the tattoo vanishes, wash the skin with soap and water to remove the last traces of the design.

If the tattoo stays on the skin for longer than 6 hours, it is likely to be harder to remove. Transparent household tape can be an effective solution for removal if the tattoo has been applied within 6 hours. Apply the tape over the tattoo. Press the tape gently onto the skin, and then remove the tape. Continue to apply and remove the tape. The temporary tattoo sticks to the tape, removing it from the skin. Although this technique is a little more painful, it helps to remove all of the tattoo.