How Do You Remove an Ingrown Hair?

How Do You Remove an Ingrown Hair?

To remove an ingrown hair, clean the skin, apply heat and exfoliate the affected area. Remove the hair by scraping a cotton swab in the opposite direction of the ingrown hair, or use tweezers for stubborn hairs. Complete the process by shaving and disinfecting the area with hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Clean the area and apply heat

    Use soap and water to thoroughly clean the skin before attempting to remove the ingrown hair. Apply heat by taking a hot shower or bath, or pressing a warm washcloth over the ingrown hair for about five minutes. If the skin is not infected, use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin.

  2. Remove the ingrown hair

    Pull the skin tight around the ingrown hair. Using a cotton swab, scrape the skin in the opposite direction of the ingrown hair. If the hair does not come out, sterilize tweezers with alcohol, then pull out the tip of the hair that is growing into the skin. Do not remove the hair from the follicle, as this can cause irritation.

  3. Shave and disinfect the skin

    After the ingrown hair is removed, shave the skin. Use a cotton ball to apply hydrogen peroxide to the affected area and finish with Neosporin to prevent infection.