How Do You Remove Individual False Eyelashes?

To remove individual false eyelashes, place a tissue beneath the lash line and apply adhesive remover to the false lashes with an angled brush, then use the brush to gently remove the lashes. The supplies required for this 15-minute procedure are latex gloves, eyelash adhesive remover, an angled cosmetic brush, facial tissues, a mirror, mild shampoo, warm water and a small bowl.

  1. Prepare the supplies

    Don protective latex gloves, pour a small amount of eyelash adhesive remover into a bowl and recap the bottle. Fold a facial tissue several times, and place it directly beneath the upper lash line. The tissue must cover the eyeball and lower lashes.

  2. Apply the adhesive remover

    Dip the tip of an angled brush into the adhesive remover, and dab it over a false eyelash. Start near the lash line, and pull the brush out toward the tip. Do not allow the adhesive to touch the skin or the eyeball.

  3. Remove the lashes with the brush

    Brush each lash until the adhesive softens. Guide it away from the skin and onto the folded tissue, and then discard it. Reposition the facial tissue pad, and remove the other lashes with the same technique.

  4. Clean up

    Empty the adhesive bowl, and rinse it with warm water. Discard the latex gloves and folded facial tissues. Wash the brush with mild shampoo, and lay it flat to dry.