How Do You Remove a Homemade Tattoo?

How Do You Remove a Homemade Tattoo?

Removing a homemade tattoo is a virtually identical process to removing any other tattoo. Do not attempt any home remedies, as these rely on chemical irritants. Such products are not illegal, but the Food and Drug Administration advises avoiding them due to adverse skin reactions. To safely remove your homemade tattoo, seek out laser removal from a doctor specializing in such treatments.

  1. Find a reputable doctor

    To safely have your tattoo removed, find a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Ask your family doctor to recommend a practice that specializes in laser tattoo removal.

  2. Discuss options with your doctor

    Once you have found a specialist, make sure you discuss which option is right for you. The process for removing a tattoo varies based on your type of skin and the type of ink used. High contrast inks, for example, black ink on white skin, are relatively easy to remove and likely require few sessions. Green and purple inks take many treatments to remove, if they ever completely fade at all. The cost of removing certain tattoos may be prohibitive due to the number of treatments involved. A good doctor will tell you when other options, like getting a cover-up tattoo, are more feasible.

  3. Take care of tattoo area

    Taking care of the treated skin area is as important as the treatments. The area that has been scoured by lasers will be raw and very sensitive to sunlight. Follow any instructions your doctor gives you about care between visits to avoid discoloration and scarring.