How Do You Remove Hickies?

How Do You Remove Hickies?

To get rid of a hickey, stimulate the area, press it with a cold compress, rub it with alcohol and apply peppermint or arnica. Hickeys take up to a week to go away. Treating a hickey takes 15 minutes and requires a toothbrush, an ice pack, rubbing alcohol and either peppermint oil or arnica gel.

  1. Stimulate the area

    Using the toothbrush, stimulate the bruised area. The goal is to spread the blood under the skin so it is more quickly absorbed. Apply enough pressure to push the blood without causing pain or further bruising.

  2. Apply a cold compress

    Wrap an ice pack in a light cloth. Press this directly over the hickey. Keep it in place for a minimum of 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least twice the day of or after receiving the hickey. This should reduce the bleeding and constrict the capillaries.

  3. Rub the hickey with alcohol

    Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Swab the bruised area for two minutes. The alcohol soothes and cools the area while disinfecting it.

  4. Apply peppermint oil or arnica gel

    Arnica gel further constricts the capillaries. Peppermint stimulates the blood flow and hastens the healing process. Apply either one directly to the affected area. If desired, alternate the two throughout the day.