How Do You Remove a Hickey?

To remove a hickey, soothe the hickey with ice, and rub it with either a spoon or a brush to improve circulation and reduce the size of the bruising. About 24 hours later, apply a heat pack to the hickey to decrease the hickey's vivid coloring.

  1. Ice the hickey

    Use either an ice pack or an ice cube to reduce the swelling of the hickey. Not only does the cold allow for the blood to re-circulate, but it prepares the skin and veins for rubbing. A mild burning sensation is normal.

  2. Use a cold spoon to remove the hickey

    Fill a small cup with ice cubes and a little water. Stick a metal spoon inside for five minutes until it is cold to the touch. Place the spoon over the hickey and hold it down until the hickey is gone. When the spoon warms to body temperature, use the ice to cool it.

  3. Brush the hickey out

    Use a toothbrush to rub and scratch at the hickey. Unlike with the spoon and ice cube, this method causes some mild pain. The brushing movement helps the blood circulate and fades the hickey. Do this only if the spoon is ineffective.

  4. Apply heat

    Wait 24 hours, then apply a heat pack to the sore area to reduce the color of the hickey. Do not apply heat before the 24 hours is up, as this can cause the opposite effect.