How Do You Remove Hair From Your Head?

Similar to the popular approaches used for legs and underarms, there are many safe hair removal methods available to assist in getting rid of unwanted hair on the head. Some options include razor shaving, waxing, buzzing with electronic clippers, depilatory creams and laser treatment.

When considering methods to remove unwanted hair on the head, make safety the main priority. According to WebMD, some approaches are tricky and can lead to injury or permanent damage. It helps to enlist the assistance of an experienced friend or professional so as to avoid any unnecessary negative outcomes.

Shaving is tricky and time-consuming and often leaves unsightly nicks and cuts which can lead to scarring. Depilatory creams, if left on for too long, can create chemical burns on the scalp and lead to injury. Waxing almost certainly requires the oversight of a professional and the regrowth has the potential to cause painful ingrown hairs which can become infected and warrant medical treatment.

Laser hair removal is the most expensive and permanent form of hair removal available for the scalp. It is usually best-suited to individuals with fair skin and dark hair and requires several visits to a licensed professional over the course of six months to a year before desired results are achieved.