How Do I Remove Hair Dye From My Face?

How Do I Remove Hair Dye From My Face?

To remove hair dye from your face, create a mixture of baby oil and facial cleanser, and rub the solution into the area with a cotton swab, and rinse thoroughly. This 10-minute procedure requires baby oil, facial cleanser, a washcloth, a bowl, cotton swabs, facial tissue, a towel, hand soap and water.

  1. Prepare your skin

    Secure your hair away from your face with a headband or hair elastic. Wash your skin with warm water and a mild facial cleanser. Rub your skin with a washcloth, concentrating on the stained areas. Rinse your face with cool water, then blot your face with a towel.

  2. Mix the oil

    Pour equal parts baby oil and facial cleanser into a small bowl. Stir the mixture with a cotton swab.

  3. Treat the stain

    Dab the hair dye stain with the soaked cotton swab. Rub the solution into your skin for 30 seconds, then apply more oil, and wait for one minute. Wipe the skin with a folded facial tissue. If dye remains on your skin, apply more oil, rub the stain with the cotton swab, and wipe it again.

  4. Remove the oil mixture

    When the dye stain is gone, wash your face with hot water and mild facial soap. Gently scrub your skin with a washcloth, focusing on areas where you applied the baby oil mixture. Rinse with cool water, and dry your face with a towel.