How Do You Remove Glue From Skin?


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Acetone, a common ingredient in nail polish remover, is good for removing glue from skin, as it breaks down the adhesive bond. Put some acetone nail polish remover on a cotton ball or ear swab, and apply it directly onto the gluey area of the skin. When the glue begins to loosen, wash the area with soap and warm water.

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The acetone method works well for removing Super Glue, one of the most powerful and commonly used adhesives. If your fingers are glued together with a strong adhesive, briefly immerse them in a disposable cup of acetone nail polish remover, and then gently wriggle them and roll them around until the bond breaks. After thoroughly washing with soap and warm water, generously apply hand lotion to your fingers, as acetone is very drying.

If you do not have acetone nail polish remover, soap and water alone can wear down glue on the skin, but this method takes longer. Petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, almond oil or baby oil can be used instead of acetone. Gently massage one of these products onto the area of the skin with glue on it for two minutes until the bond breaks. Hand lotion helps the remaining glue peel off.

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