How Do You Remove Fungus From Your Toenails?

One method of getting rid of fungus on the toenails involves a daily cleaning and treatment regimen with a 10 percent undecylenic acid topical solution that is specially formulated to penetrate the nails. Nail fungal infection occurs more in the toenails than fingers with dermatophyte fungi as the most likely cause, notes Mayo Clinic.

The following is a nail fungus treatment guide as recommended by the Global Nail Fungus Organization:

  1. Prepare the nail
  2. Prepare the nail for treatment by cutting it as short as possible with a nail clipper. Use a nail file on the top, sides and front of the nail. This serves to make it easier for the treatment solution to penetrate the nail.

  3. Loosen the skin around the nails
  4. To loosen the surrounding skin, soak the infected nail in a bucket of warm water for at least one minute. Lather up the area with soap and then scrub the nail and the surrounding area vigorously. Rinse and dry.

  5. Apply treatment solution
  6. Make sure to remove all moisture by using a towel or a blow dryer around the infected area. Using an applicator brush, apply the 10 percent undecylenic topical solution on the top, sides and front of the nail, as well as the surrounding area. Allow the area to dry completely before putting on socks or footwear.

  7. Stick to the regimen
  8. Be consistent with the regimen daily until the fungus has cleared up completely. As an added measure, do not reuse socks once they have been used and cycle footwear to help keep the fungus from proliferating.