How Do You Remove Face Paint?

remove-face-paint Credit: Photography by Alison Samborn/Moment/Getty Images

To remove face paint, wash it off with the use of water and mild soap. If the paint is still retained on the face, try washing it off with baby shampoo and water. Wait thirty to sixty seconds for the soap to paste with the paint then rinse it off with water.

Removing face paint can be done by simply washing it off with a safe soap and water, so do not panic if you think that it can never be removed. It might be a little difficult at first but with the right choice of remedies, this can be done in no time. As a tip, it would be advisable for you to opt for soaps that have a neutral Ph to avoid any harmful skin irritation and reaction. Try not to use soap that contains a lot of strong chemicals. They can actually cause irritation to the skin. Also, don't rub face with your hands while washing it because this will only force the paint to enter your pores which in turn will make it harder to remove.

Another method you can use to remove face paint is with the use of baby oil. Dip cotton balls in baby oil and use this to wipe the face paint you want to remove. This may require a lot of cotton balls depending how much face paint there is. If you don't have any cotton balls, a soft cloth or a soft towel will do.